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World Champion to ride at the opener of WA’s new world class Pinjar Park Motorcycle Speedway track

3 TIMES Speedway World Champion, Tai Woffinden and International Speedway Stars Daniel Winchester, Cameron Heeps plus MORE

  • 3 January 2019
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World Champion to ride at the opener of WA’s new world class Pinjar Park Motorcycle Speedway track

Make Smoking History Pinjar Park comes alive and opens its gates for 2 spectacular nights of racing with international and national speedway stars TOMORROW.


Make Smoking History Pinjar Park and the Speedway Club of WA proudly present their official GRAND OPENING night of the NEW, BIG Pinjar Park Speedway track and “Bennco Group 2019 Solo and Sidecar Western Australian State Title”.


The much anticipated event will be run on the Speedway Motorcycle Club of WA's brand new dedicated motorcycle speedway circuit at Pinjar Park in Perth's northern suburbs. It will be the first speedway solo championship to be held on the new 330m track.

Watch 3 Times World Champion, Tai Woffinden and International Speedway Stars Daniel Winchester, Cameron Heeps plus MORE slide, battle and bang bars on bikes with NO Brakes and NO Gears!!! 


Tai Woffiinden won his THIRD Speedway GP World Title in 2018, his second in 2015 and his first was in 2013, he has also won 3 British Titles back to back.

Tai's website explains, clearly, the sport of speedway to spectators and newcomers-"Speedway is pretty much motorsport in its rawest form. We race 500cc motorbikes that weigh around 75kg, and they accelerate faster than an F1 car with top speeds of up to 80mph. The big difference is we don't have brakes! The bike just has a throttle, clutch and one gear and we race on shale-based oval tracks and you basically power-slide around the corners. It's pretty gnarly"!
"Each race has four riders, we do four laps and the first placed rider gets three points, second two, third one and nothing for finishing last". 

Tai has returned to WA for the summer and competing in this years WA State Solo Championship, a title which his legendary father, Rob Woffinden, won in 1987-1988 when he was a resident rider at Claremont Speedway. Rob Woffinden was instrumental and the powerhouse behind the building of the original, junior sized, Pinjar Park speedway track over a decade ago.


Dan Winchester is one of WA's leading speedway riders and has won the 2013/14 and 2015/16 WA Solo Championships. Dan has been well established in the local solo ranks and is known for his fast lines and casual looking riding style and has raced at Adelaide's Gillman speedway and as far north as Karratha in the states north west. 

Cameron Heeps is from a third generation of racers who has been racing bikes since the age of four. Cam is from Perth but races in Europe majority of the year, last year he raced for the Ipswich Witches and next year he has been selected to race for the Edinburgh Monarchs. Cam has won the Western Australia State Under-19 Championships in 2012/13, 2014/15 and a member of Australian Under-21 World Team Cup squad. 




This Friday night, the 4th of January, will be qualifying for the WA Senior Solo Speedway Championships solos as 21 local, interstate and international riders battle it out to see who will then bang bars with international seeded solo stars Daniel Winchester, Cameron Heeps and 3 TIMES World Champion, Tai Woffinden, in the main finals event on Saturday the 5th of January.  


Qualifying night will see 21 solo riders will be competing over a four heat format for the final 12 places in the state title on Saturday night. There will be two groups of solos and the top six riders from each group will progress to the WA State Solo Championships Finals on the following night, Saturday 5th January 2019.


New Track Video Action:


Qualifying Night for the WA State Solo Speedway Championships:

Two groups of riders, from the below list, will compete over a Four round format for the final 12 places to join seeded riders Tai Woffinden, Cameron Heeps and Daniel Winchester plus One wildcard rider.

Six riders from each group will go through. As you can see, these are stacked fields and will produce some fierce racing on qualifying night.


Group A:

Kris Keast

Carley Gittus

Matt Marson

Jason Marzoli

Kane Lawrence

Josh Bailey

Declan Knowles

Jason Bishop

Jack Hunter

Blake Russell

Ryan Pope


Group B:

Jarryd Ziedas

Frank Smart

Bryan Miller

Des Heys

Cordell Rogerson

Brad Gordon

Kobee Ziedas

Dakota Ballantyne

Drew Winchester

Doug Scoble


Dakota Ballantyne:

A young charger out of South Australia is no stranger to racing in Perth. He visited our 142m Pinjar Track last season and mixed it up with some of our local stars, finishing behind Daniel Winchester in the final. He’s been busy working on his craft and doing a lot of racing around the country. He will be one to look out for in the qualifying rounds


Kane Lawrence:

Hailing from NSW, Kane has been a constant threat on the east coast scene and has competed alongside a few of our best riders in the Winter Series. Kane has a lot of experience for his young age and should feel right at home on our fast new track


Cordell Rogerson:

All the way from Queensland, Cordell will be one of our youngest qualifiers in the field at just 18 years old. He has just been promoted to the 500cc division after a successful run over east in the junior 250 ranks. We are sure he will gain some great experience over here in Perth and is a good chance at racking up points to be in the mix of qualifying into the main event


Frank Smart:

Smarty is one of the most talented riders to come out of WA. He had a very long and successful career in the UK and has also tasted success in WA earning a couple of State Titles. Frank has been riding on and off the last few years but every time he gets on a bike he’s right up the pointy end. A top bloke and a loved character by all in the speedway community, Smarty is a hot favourite to be amongst the top finishers at this year’s event


Jason Marzoli:

Jason had a good run of racing juniors in the late 90’s and has just got back to racing on a 500cc machine after many years away from the sport. He has been putting the hard work in and recently had a very good result at the first meeting on the big track, surprising many with how much he has improved over the last few months. He should be able to pick up some decent points in qualifying and has a good chance of getting through to the main show


Kris Keast:

Another rider who has only just returned to the scene at Pinjar Park. Hailing from Kalgoorlie, Kris is not shy of the speed that can be produced on bigger tracks. With each meeting he is getting faster and more competitive and recently has been stealing points away from some of our top riders. Kris will be looking to make all the travel worth it by clinching one of those valuable top 6 spots in his group


Declan Knowles:

Currently riding out of Swann Hill in Victoria, Declan is very familiar with our Pinjar Park junior track. He grew up in Geraldton and his family made the trip down every weekend for him to compete in the junior division. The family had their own private track in Geraldton where Declan turned a lot of laps with steady coaching from his Dad, Terry. This training later helped Declan win the Australian 250cc Championship. Declan is now doing a lot of travelling and racing, mixing it up with the best of the best in the 500cc division on the east coast. The Knowles family is all about Speedway and they are big supporters of WA riders whenever they head over east to do some riding. It will be great to see Declan come home to WA and he is a good chance at getting to the top end of the field


Ryan Pope:

Flyin Ryan is a newcomer to the 500cc division after competing in juniors and then taking a break from the sport. He has been back racing for a couple seasons now and it didn’t take long for him to start worrying the top riders. Ryan has a new machine and gear this season and has really stepped up and put all his effort into improving his riding, which has definitely paid off. Look out for him in the qualifying rounds as he should put together a good bag of points


Drew Winchester:

He has a new frame, new gear but still no idea! Drew has been competing at Pinjar for around 5 seasons now on and off with injury and it’s safe to say this sport hasn’t come naturally to him. He has struggled along and watched many newcomers surpass him along the way but he still gets out there every week and has a heap of fun. He loves this sport, he loves this club and he will be praying for an absolute miracle to make it out of qualifying on Friday night.


Jason Bishop:

One of WA’s rising rookies. As the son of sidecar legend Jeff Bishop, Jason has racing pedigree in his blood. In his first year racing he climbed his way to the top ranks and got himself among the podium spots. He has been missing for most of this season so far but his first outing on the big track a few weeks ago showed that he has got right back on the horse and looks fast enough to do the business in qualifying


Brad Gordon:

The baby of the field, Brad is just 16 years old and is enjoying his first season among the senior riders. He was also very competitive in the Junior 250 division so we all knew it wouldn’t take him long to get the hang of the 500cc machine. Brad is taking on all of the knowledge that he can and it’s paying off as he is improving each time he gets on the bike. He will be in amongst the fierce racing in qualifying and he will love every minute of it.


Carley Gittus:

The lone female in our field and arguably the best female speedway rider in the world. Another result of great racing pedigree. Carley has been entertaining speedway fans for over 15 years and is one of our most loved riders here at Pinjar Park. We are yet to see her on the bike this season after she had a big season last year and even went to do some racing and coaching in England. So the new track will be a test for her after being off the bike for a while but she doesn’t shy away from a challenge and isn’t afraid to go bar-to-bar with boys and take some points away. There is sure to be a big army of fans cheering her on during the qualifying rounds hoping she gets through to the main show


Jack Hunter:

Riding out of Collie WA, Jack is fairly new to the sport with only a couple full seasons under his belt. He makes the long trip up to our track for most race meetings and has been steadily improving with more time on the bike. Jack hasn’t seen a lot of the new track so it will be a challenge for him but he will be hoping to string a few decent races together and produce some good racing on Friday


Jarryd Ziedas:

One half of the Ziedas Brothers racing team, Jarryd is passionate about his racing and loves being amongst the action. He has been plagued by mechanical issues this season but when everything is working right, he is fast enough to be up there battling with the big boys. He has a fresh engine for this meeting so here’s hoping everything comes together for him on Friday night


Des Heys:

Des is a seasoned competitor at Pinjar Park and has plenty of natural talent that shines out on the track. Des has had a good season so far, getting up on the podium and also welcoming his first child into the world. Daddy Des has been looking fast on the new big track and he will be confident at producing the goods to qualify on Friday night


Kobee Ziedas:

The other half of Ziedas Brothers Racing, Kobee is the younger brother and only been in the senior ranks for a couple of seasons. He was very competitive as a junior and has carried that momentum into 500cc division with quite a few impressive performances. He recently tore his ACL in a crash at the Motorplex (during a parade lap) and has yet to have surgery. He’s been cleared by the doctor to ride through the pain so here’s hoping it’s all worth it for him and he can get into the group of 16


Bryan Miller:

Our very own Kiwi Bryan has just returned to racing after having a few years off while concentrating on his work commitments all over the country. He was itching to get back on the bike so has moved back to Perth. Bryan means business this time and you can tell that he has spent a heap of time and money setting up an elite level bike and gear to match. He has plenty of natural talent on motorcycles and is starting to make things work on the oval circuit. Keep an eye on the green Kiwi.


Blake Russell:

Blake is one of our biggest hopes of a WA rider taking the title this year. He has had an impressive racing career so far including 2nd place in the state title 2 years ago. Blake hasn’t done a lot of riding in the last couple years but he showed last meeting that he’s definitely got what it takes by just missing out on the A final. Qualifying shouldn’t be a problem for Blake as he will be eyeing off the podium in the main show.


Doug Scoble:

One of WA’s best local riders, Doug has been turning laps at Pinjar Park since he was in the junior ranks. This season has been a breakout season for Doug and he’s really starting to turn the screws on our top riders like Frank Smart and Dan Winchester. In his first outing on the big track, Doug was looking fast... Really fast. He has a professional looking outfit now and all the pieces are starting to come together as Doug looks to mount his challenge on the top step of the podium.


Matt Marson:

Fresh from his first season racing overseas, Matt has come back full of confidence and with a whole new level of riding. Matt spent the winter in the UK as he helped Mildenhall clinch the National League Title. He gained some great experience on many different tracks which has helped close the gap to some of our local stars on his return. Matt will be hoping to get through qualifying unscathed and focus on the big show on Saturday.


Josh Bailey

Riding out of the UK, Josh is our only international rider this year (if you don’t include Tai) and he has already shown the class of full time British speedway by taking out the first meeting on the new Pinjar Park circuit. Josh has ridden in all 3 tiers of British Speedway and most recently as a team mate of Matt Marson at Mildenhall. He enjoyed a very successful season as they dominated the National League to take the championship. Josh will be one of a handful of riders who can mount a serious challenge for the number 1 spot on Saturday, so he needs to get through qualifying Friday with no issues and get ready for his tilt at the title.



Friday, 4th of January, is qualifying night and costs $10 for adults and kids under 16 are free.

Gates will be open for competitors from 3pm. Spectators from 4pm, racing starts 7pm.

On Saturday there will be a junior pre-program from 5pm so we encourage spectators to get there from 4pm and watch these up and coming stars do battle.

Opening Ceremony will be around 6.30pm and senior racing will begin at 7pm

Entry cost for Saturday night is $25 for adults and kids under 16 are free!

The bar will be open and food will be available throughout both of the nights.

Spectator Entry and Parking-Old Yanchep Road Entrance-Neerabup


Friday Nights Event

Saturday Nights Event

Make Smoking History Pinjar Park Motorcycle Speedway


To read more about the making of Pinjar Park read HERE



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