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2018 "Delecca’s" Australian Trial Championships

  • 13 October 2018
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2018 "Delecca’s" Australian Trial Championships

The 2018 Championships were always going to be a tight event with  last year’s #5 Jack Favelle, #6 Hayden Eardley and  #7 Ben Walling all going hard for the podium.  Walling’s ride was a Beta 80, Favelle mounted on a Sherco 125 and Eardley on the mid wheel, electric powered, Oset 24R. All looked confident, displaying nerves of steel and massive eager grins.

The big question for the three riders was ‘Were the sections going to test them for their ability to ride the big splats they enjoy, or, would it be down to technique and tight turns; a much harder mental test’.

Day one saw all three enjoying tricky sections that tested their ability for tight turns. Section 3 and 7 seemed to pose the biggest test with the loose dirt challenging their throttle control. The minders had their hands full and were putting in a huge effort to support the lads, and at times looked a little wrecked themselves.

At the end of the day the results were close, the closest in the competition,  Eardley on 17, Favelle on 19 and Walling on 29, still in the chase after having a couple of bad sections.

Day two and the three lads were eagerly anticipating what was to come, all looking for that one rock or slippery corner which would separate them. The three started together in a pack and watched each other closely to get any added advantage. It was clear at the end of lap one that it was going to be a close result as Walling cleaned with a brilliant ride. Lap two was quick and the result saw all three drop only 2 points each. It all came down to the final lap; the mental test was on for both rider and minder. Eardley had a tough final lap, getting stuck in section 8 and nearly running out of time. He had to dig deep to pull his bike up a rock and then race it to the end. Favelle and Walling excelled, finishing clean for the lap, which would make the scores interesting.


Day two results saw an excellent ride from Walling to finish on 2, Favelle 6 and Eardley 7.

When all was done and dusted, both Eardley and OSET took their first win at an Australian Championships, finishing on 24 points. Jack Favelle finished on an impressive 25 and Walling come back strong, finishing in third on 31.

Well done to all participants in this class and their minders who put in a huge effort.




1st Kyle MIDDLETON 39

2nd Connor HOGAN 105

3rd Colin ZARCZYNSKI 108

4th Chris BAYLES 131

5th Bruce LE RICHE 140



1st Kristie MCKINNON 14

2nd Michelle COLEMAN 73

3rd Lillie YIATROU 129

4th Nicole CASEY 129

5th Jenna LUPO 159


Junior 12 – under 16

1st Tom WOODHOUSE 35

2nd Alex COWAN 46

3rd Maverick FORD 55

4th Haydon BARWICK 59

5th Rhys DUNDON 75


Ben Walling

·         Class U13 Junior

·         Riding a 80cc Beta Evo

·         Sponsored by Moto Dynamics/Mind on Matter/ GRO


Ben Walling had prepared hard this year by stepping up and riding C grade all year. He had a set back along the way with a broken collarbone which took him out of action. He has had a super year by coming first in the WA and Victorian State Championships and this weekend he competed in the very competitive Australian Trails Championship coming away finishing on the podium with a third.


Jack Walling

·         Class  Mini Trial

·         Riding a 16” Oset Racing

·         Sponsored by Moto Dynamics/Mind on Matter/ GRO/Oset


Started the year by riding an Oset 16 and has come along in leaps and bounds learning new skills and gaining confidence. At the Australian Trials Championship Jack road in the Mini Trial which was set and catered for the Mini riders to build there confidence. He came away with a medallion and best of all, the biggest smile. We would like to thank Moto Dynamics, Neil and Simon Price and all our family and friends for their continued support with the boys.


Rhys Dundon

·         Class Open Junior (U16)

·         Riding a 125cc Sherco

·         Sponsored by SJS Moto/Mind on Matter

This year Rhys Dundon has started off the year stepping up a level to the 13-16 years class. We started day one off strongly with his first lap only losing 7 points. Finding out along the way it was quite a technical course but went in feeling comfortable with lap 2 & 3. Only dropping 30 points to finish the day out. The overall scoreboard for day 1 was tight but with a good night sleep went in positive, and head held high for the next day. Starting day 2 with an amazing first lap only dropping 9 points with the other riders losing 12 or above. The next 2 laps were quite testing on the body with fatigue setting in, resulting in higher scores. Rhys ended the nationals in 5th place, overall a good result!

Mark and Roy Austin

·         Mark and Roy were the only sidecars at the event. The other two teams had to pull out very late, and after they had left from Perth.

·         The sections for the sidecars were timed which they had not practiced and weren’t prepared for.

·         They started off well having a great ride in the first 5 sections and then the sections got harder and they spent a bit of time upside down!

·         Day two was much harder and the time limits made it even harder. They enjoyed the weekend and providing a bit of entertainment.

Roy Austin Recalls the adventure of the Championships:

·         Class Open Sidecar

·         Riding a 300cc Scorpa

·         Sponsored by SJS Moto


Day one started the same as any other trial with all riders meeting up to listen to the norms and the dreaded confirmation that all classes would be time to 90 seconds per section (that includes the idiot/premier class known as sidecar) blitzing the first 5 sections was a good start only dropping a 5 because of a lack of the m word (the word that shall not be spoken). 

As the day continued on the a day and it was starting to look more and more like a national with the bike being upside down and on top of me and dad (more so dad) but other then that. Surprisingly it was not a painful day. Good rides, bad rides and surprising cheers from the crowds and riders. 

Day 2 started with the first section being the same and then things all changed from there. Coming into section 2 and getting through the hard bit to have the bike stall going up the easy bit., not the end of the world but a little annoying. 

Section 3 come along and somehow dad and i managed to jam the bike into the one hole in the whole section cost us another 5. Continuing through the lap we realised this day seemed to have a little less thought into side care friendliness with the sections more lengthier and more chair high which really started to put the pressure on the 90 seconds. 

Getting to section 11, we met an interesting observer who was willing to let us change gates (to go over rocks rather then around them) but still stuck to the time restraints much to our disliking put myself into a bit of a mood with a few choice words coming out dads that hopefully there was no kiddies around for. Clearing our heads (mainly mine) we continued on to clean all but 2 of the last 4 sections. Lap 2 started with everything going a lot better and only opting to not do 2 sections due to not wanting to break us (lets face it, the bike) we completed the lap dropping 10 less then the first lap. With the class being the premier class that it is. 

We finished the day and eagerly awaited the results of the other riders to see where we come only to then remember that we are the only ones riding. So I was awarded 1st place but a disappointing lose at the same time but still leaving with a smile on our faces after enjoying the trial and the soft ground around us for cushioning our falls. Before I conclude this far to lengthy summary. I should probably thank not only mum and dad for carting the bike and my gear across, but the whole WA team that made the effort to come across. Wouldn't be the same without the support and laughs as we end up underneath bikes for the entertainment of the crowd.


For a full detailed on the overall championship, head to


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