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WA State Cup Challenge Team Day 8 Friday 5/10/18

Finals-The penultimate day of the 2018 KTM AJMX

  • 5 October 2018
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WA State Cup Challenge Team Day 8 Friday 5/10/18

Day 8 of the Australian Junior Motocross Championships was a mixed bag of exciting racing for Team WA. There were some big hits for the heavy hitters in the championship as well as some underdogs showing some top pace and rising to the occasion. The track conditions shaped up to be the best that the WA Team had seen all week with a selection of lines forming throughout the day.


65cc 9-U11 Final 4 Seth Shackleton, Kayden Minear & Jake Rumens

WA boys Shackleton and Minear dominated this class with a 1-2 start and finish, Shackleton controlled the race all the way to the closing lap before lappers would played a part in assisting Minear to make a pass just corners before the chequered flag, with the WA Team mates crossing the line 30 seconds ahead of the field. Rumens started at the pointy end of the field and able to finish strong in 9th place when he crossed the finish line.


85cc 9-U12 Final 2 Seth Shackleton, Kayden Minear & Jake Rumens

Minear and Shackleton both came out of the gates good with a top five start on the first lap, Minear would not be able to progress past 2nd position for the whole moto and  Shackleton faded back to 7th place with Rumens having trouble adapting to the conditions with a 26th position.


85cc 12-U14 Final 2 Liam Atkinson & Camball McMahon

Atkinson and McMahon both managed a 15th place start in the first lap with Atkinson making the move up to the top 10 early in the race but a last lap incident put him back to 13th place as he passed the chequered flag. McMahon also had a tip over forcing him back to 18th by the time he crossed the finish line.


125cc 15yrs Final 3 Regan Duffy, Rhys Burnett, Corben Weinert & Jarrod Payne

Regan Duffy launched out of the gates with a hole shot with a solid start to finish lead and took the win, Weinert climbed from a top 15 start up to 8th position by the time he passed the chequered flag. Burnett was able to climb to 11th in the slick conditions and Jarrod Payne round out the class in 25th position with a last lap crash.

125cc 15yrs Final 4 Regan Duffy, Rhys Burnett, Corben Weinert & Jarrod Payne

This was the final that changed the whole game with Duffy in a top 8 start before then being caught up in a pile up early on. Duffy charged hard from last position working his way up to 3rd position before having one of the biggest crashes of the week attempting to scrub a jump and was thrown over the bars, putting him out of contention for the remainder of the race. Weinert and Burnett locked in a battle for 3rd and 4th position throughout the whole moto and Weinert came through with a 3rd place with Burnett dropping the bike last lap trying to make the pass falling back to 8th place. Jarrod Payne completed the circuit in 24th and Duffy was able to roll around 2 laps down and hold 25th for the race.


250cc 15yrs Final 3 Regan Duffy, Rhys Burnett, Corben Weinert & Jarrod Payne

Once again Duffy launched out of the gates with a hole shot and controlled the race from start to finish with what seemed to be an effortless effort from the 16 year old from WA. Burnett and Weinert would take a top 20 start side by side before Burnett capitalized on the opening laps to make up almost 15 positions to then find himself in a battle for the top 5 right up until the last lap. The while making a move for a position he went down relegating him back to 15th position while Weinert managed a 10th place.

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WA Team Manager-Luke Davis #14

WA Team

Seth Shackleton  65cc
Jake Rumens        65cc
Liam Atkinson        85cc 
Corben Weinert  125cc
Rhys Burnett        250cc
Kayden Minear   85cc class

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