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WA State Cup Challenge Team Day 6 Wednesday 3/10/18

Finals Begin

  • 3 October 2018
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WA State Cup Challenge Team Day 6 Wednesday 3/10/18

On Day 6 of the Australian Junior Motocross Championships the competitors arrived early in the morning to find a freshly prepped track with the moisture of some rain overnight laying on the track which created perfect race conditions after the first couple of Moto’s. Racing began with a bang with all finals underway and some sharp intense battles right from the first gate drop.


65cc 9-U11 Final 1 Seth Shackleton, Kayden Minear & Jake Rumens

Gates dropped and looked to be a perfect Moto for Team WA with Shackleton having an impressive hole shot ahead of Kayden Minear 2nd and Rumens following in 4th! Shackleton lead for 2 laps over Minear as the pair pulled away from the pack but Shackleton made a small mistake going down. Once he remounted and back racing he was in 9th position and managed to climb back up to 8th.  This left Minear to run away with the 1st position and Rumens finished an impressive 6th place for the first final Moto.

85cc 9-U12 Heat 3 Seth Shackleton, Kayden Minear & Jake Rumens

The WA boys tackled the track a little later in the day and this Moto saw Shackleton with a strong start and Rumens following mid pack. Shackleton was able to hold a consistent top 3 through the whole Moto crossing the line in a comfortable 3rd place with Rumens salvaging 14th.

Minear would be involved in one of the most spectacular races of the day in this Moto with a three way battle to the finish line. There was under 1 second separating the three boys in an action packed last lap battle and all three taking turns at the lead, but Minear would fall short of the #1 position crossing the line in a close 2nd place.


85cc 12-U14 Heat 2 Liam Atkinson & Camball McMahon

Being first up on the start line for the day these riders were faced with a wet, greasy and slick track proving to be tough conditions for the boys.  Atkinson came out of the gate mid pack in this heat charging early and hard to make his way to 4th position before being relegated back to 5th on the last lap.

McMahon launched out the gates to what looked to be promising start before the second turn where he went high and washed out, remounting in last position. He fought hard to the top 10 before another spill mid-way during the race caused him to settle for a 12th place finish.


125cc 15yrs Final 1 Regan Duffy, Rhys Burnett, Corben Weinert & Jarrod Payne

Start to finish Regan Duffy would control this race with a great hole shot while Weinert would crack a top 10 start holding down 7th position from start to finish also. Rhys Burnett would have an uncommon bad start with nerves seeming to grab hold of him on the start line but he fought hard from the back of the pack to cross the chequered flag in 12th position with Jarrod Payne completing the Moto in 28th place.

250cc 15yrs Final 1 Regan Duffy, Rhys Burnett, Corben Weinert & Jarrod Payne

First race nerves seemed to be gone in this Moto for Burnett as he launched out the gate to appear out of the second turn in 2nd position and fought hard to hold Australia’s best at bay before dropping back to respectable 12th position. Regan Duffy came from a top 10 start and climbed back to 2nd position just seconds shy of the Moto win. Weinert had a Moto he would rather forget with a horror start struggling to make passes but managing to climb back to 9th position from a near last place start along with Payne able to bring it home in 29th place.


Motorcycling Australia Day 6 Report HERE

WA Team Manager-Luke Davis #14

WA Team

Seth Shackleton  65cc
Jake Rumens        65cc
Liam Atkinson        85cc 
Corben Weinert  125cc
Rhys Burnett        250cc
Kayden Minear   85cc class

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Thanks to WA Team Manager, Luke Davis and the parent's for keeping us updated daily and sending through photos.




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