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WA State Cup Challenge Team Day 5 Tuesday 2/10/18

Heats Begin

  • 2 October 2018
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WA State Cup Challenge Team Day 5 Tuesday 2/10/18

Day 5 of the AJMX was a good day for most of the Team WA kid, they were able to have their last relax day on the track and get to learn a few more lines. As it was just a free practice session for majority of our team they were able to work on some bike setups.  

Our Team also had one of  their classes run another heat race to qualify for the main show down.

65cc 9-U11: Free Practice Seth Shackleton, Kayden Minear and Jake Rumens

All the boys had a chance to go out and just play with some line choices and bike setup in this free practice session to help dial in the track! All ready for tomorrows first final.


85cc 9-U12: Heat 2 Seth Shackleton, Kayden Minear and Jake Rumens

The second of the heat races for the boys to push into the finals looked good for all the boys where we had Kayden and Seth launch out the gates to be top 5 for the pair of them on the first lap. Kayden was able to push for the lead early but settled comfortably in 2nd position for the moto despite a last lap charge that just couldn’t quite happen. Seth also rounding out the top 5 in 5th with a slight scare early in the moto however he was able to regroup and keep the bike on 2 wheels.


85cc 12-U14: Heat 1 Liam Atkinson & Camball McMahon

Both boys in this class having similar results with each being in separate heats Camball launched out of the gates for the first lap to sit in 3rd position before some arm pump and nerves grabbed ahold of him, he found himself fade back to a healthy 7th position. Liam Atkinson had a good start,  he would rather a better position but fought through the pack to salvage a 7th place as well. 

125cc 15yrs Free Practice:Regan Duffy, Rhys Burnett, Corben Weinert & Jarrod Payne.

Free practice for the boys to again work some new lines and bike setups


250cc 15yrs Free Practice Regan Duffy, Rhys Burnett, Corben Weinert & Jarrod Payne.

Free practice boys looking comfortable fast and relaxed


Motorcycling Australia Day 5 Report HERE

WA Team Manager-Luke Davis #14

WA Team

Seth Shackleton  65cc
Jake Rumens        65cc
Liam Atkinson        85cc 
Corben Weinert  125cc
Rhys Burnett        250cc
Kayden Minear   85cc class

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Today's Results from My Laps

For those having issues with My Laps/Speedhive results are also on Race Monitor


Thanks to WA Team Manager, Luke Davis and the parent's for keeping us updated daily and sending through photos.

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