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WA State Cup Challenge Team Day 3 Sunday 30/9/18

Free Practice

  • 30 September 2018
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WA State Cup Challenge Team Day 3 Sunday 30/9/18

After a day off yesterday, Day 3 was under way first thing this morning at 8am with opening ceremonies and club speeches then a riders briefing followed out by the first practice of the day.

Weather conditions were breezy and chilly early on but with the sun showing its strength with the wind combined the track quickly began to dry and dust up turning it into what we could compare in WA to as Byford on a summers' day. 

The track quickly deteriorated with square edges on the steep hills beginning to form early in the day and a number of spills from a few competitors occurred.


65cc 9-U11 years
WA stars in this group include Kayden Minear, Seth Shackleton and Jake Rumens. When the chequered flag dropped at the end of the practice the quickest lap time in the class was 2:06.749 with Kayden Minear rolling in 2nd position in lap times with a solid 2:08.833 and Seth Shackleton rolling across the line in 4th position with 2:10. Jake Rumens was able to hold a top 10 finish positon with a 2:17.018 placing him with a strong 8th position.

85cc 9-U12 years
Once again, the same line up from the 65cc group out again for this class with Seth, Kayden and Jake ready to roll out. With a stacked grid on the line for this event it is one of 2 classes for the weekend requiring heat races to qualify. Top time in this class was 1:59.457 holding out Kayden Minear back in 4th place in his group with a 2:03.438 followed by Seth Shackleton in his group with a 6th place at 2:05.876. Jake Rumens keeping himself in a comfortable positon of 17th in his group with a 2:17.392.

85cc 12-U14 years
This class only had young Liam Atkinson and Camball McMahon to hold the flag for WA both putting in very strong solid rides, getting a feel for the track and adapting fast to run top 10 times in the group.  Liam with 2:00.077 just 1.2 seconds shy of the #1 position. and Camball came in with a 2:05.908 to hold down 8th position. 

125cc 15 years
Four young WA stars feature in this class for their last shootout year in Juniors and all four trying to prove a point and finish their junior career strong! Regan Duffy, Corben Weinert, Rhys Burnett and Jarrod Payne would line up with Australia’s best. Regan Duffy came out out swinging with a #2 time of 1:52.154 only 0.020 off the #1 time. Corben finished the session in 7th with a 1:57.376, Rhys Burnett came across the line in 19th place with a 2:03.161 followed by Jarrod Payne in 27th with a 2:13.716.

250cc 15 years
Once again, the four boys from WA out again but this time Regan Duffy able to step up to the plate and take the #1 position with a blistering 1:50.994 ahead of Corben Weinert in 15th position with a 1:59.046, Rhys Burnett in 26th with a 2:05.208 and Jarrod Payne in 31st with a 2:12.835.

Wrap up
Be aware these were only a free practice session times today for the kids to get a quick feel for the track before qualifying begins tomorrow. Track talk predicts a heavy rip tonight with a heavy water to go with it which will change conditions 180 degrees on what we had today. All the kids shook off their nerves after today and are ready for a fresh prepped track tomorrow hoping to better their positions. A lot of smart riding today from them all knowing they can’t win anything in the first day but easily able to throw it all away with one silly mistake.


WA Team Manager-Luke Davis #14

WA Team

Seth Shackleton  65cc
Jake Rumens        65cc
Brock Flynn          85cc (Injured)
Corben Weinert  125cc
Rhys Burnett        250cc
Kayden Minear   85cc class

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Today's Results from My Laps

For those having issues with My Laps/Speedhive results are also on Race Monitor


Thanks to WA Team Manager, Luke Davis and the parent's for keeping us updated daily and sending through photos.




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