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Dirt Tracking is on it’s way to WA

Behind the Scenes at MWA

  • 28 September 2018
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Dirt Tracking is on it’s way to WA

At Motorcycling WA a lot more goes on behind the scenes other than issuing permits, licenses, coaching, training, and updating social media.. The staff works hard to bring together programs and exciting new events and series for all disciplines to help encourage the growth of the sport.

 Dirt Track Racing is a major part of this and for those who have been following  MWA over the past few years on social media would know that this has been an up and down journey to follow . The project may seem as it’s not happening but a lot is happening and a lot of hard work has gone into overcoming obstacles and barriers along the way .

It would seem that we are now back on track and the future of Dirt Tracking in WA is looking very positive and a start line very near.

All the staff at MWA are committed and working on Dirt Track in some way, including ongoing meetings, out of work hours, with committees outside of MWA clubs, along with MWA clubs to secure exciting new venue’s and  clubs willing to be part of events that will be away from their home tracks,

MWA’s Operations Manager, Mark Gill took some time out this week to give MWA members an update to where it’s all at with Dirt Track WA:

Motorcycling WA is working on delivering a Dirt Track racing series in Western Australia for 2019.

What is already a popular discipline on the east coast and US; dirt tracking is the proven training ground for some of our most successful international racers.

 The series will aim to cater for serious racers looking for championship glory, to those looking to dust off their old dirt bikes and slide around multiple tracks across WA.

There will also be junior categories and for fun, Postie Bikes.

Options to open the events up to Harley's and other styles of scramblers would be an exciting direction and fingers crossed we will gain some interest in that possibility.

 Plans are under way to run a few events this year with tracks already being licensed and an advisory committee being formed.

Tracks to host the 2019 series will include Speedway circuits, Dirt Kart tracks and Grass Tracks for some fast, fun racing.

 As always, these racing series cannot operate without dedicated volunteers, so if you would like to get involved please contact Mark at





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