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Smarter than Smoking MINI-X series.

Behind the Scenes at MWA

  • 20 September 2018
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Smarter than Smoking MINI-X series.

At Motorcycling WA a lot more goes on behind the scenes other than issuing permits, licenses, coaching,  training, and taking photos. The staff work hard to bring together programs for all disciplines and encouraging the growth of the sport, Mini-X is just one of those programs.

Motorcycling Western Australia and Five Star Yamaha have been working together all year to help young MotoKids get on track in a safe and fun environment.

The Smarter than Smoking MINI-X program is all about fun, games and little bit of racing to help kids develop the required skills to enter competition when they feel ready to start racing. 

The days are run by fully accredited coaches and parents to give the kids a hand and help parents understand that motorsport cannot exist without their valuable time and effort through volunteering.

Last weekend saw the completion of the 2018 Mini-X Series for 2018, with MWA's Mark Gill and Hannah Lawton heading up the team of coaches and volunteers for the day. 

There will be one more Mini-X this year, it will be a stand alone event at a brand new venue with a few added bonuses thrown in for the parents making it a family fun weekend-more details soon, in the meantime this is how the final round panned out for 2018:

What a year it's been for the kids of the Smarter than Smoking MINI-X series.

With all riders improving throughout the year, the championship points couldn't have been closer with only 9 points separating the top 3 riders.

MINI-X is a skills based introduction to motorcycle sport, encouraging rider skill above just being able to ride fast.
Throughout the year, 48 riders have attempted the skill based activities across 3 different venues, enabling them to score points for each zone to decide who was the best rider on the day.

With the championship on the line, the final round saw some of the best riding of the year.
Finishing in 1st place was Cruz VanDewetering who had to push hard to finish one point ahead of 2nd place newcomer Jamie Fox.
Coming in 3rd place only 2 points behind Cruz was Jorja Edmonds who's kept the boys on their toes with her great riding throughout the day.

But to win a championship, you've got to be on it all year.

The top 3 riders of the year have ridden so well all year and they should be proud of their achievements.

On behalf of Motorcycling WA, Healthway, Five Star Yamaha and all the MA accredited Coaches involved, we'd like to congratulate the following riders....

3rd place for the year is Mia Kennedy on 42 points.
2nd place for the year is Kade Donovan
And the winner of the 2018 Smarter than Smoking Championship supported by Five Star Yamaha is Cruz VanDewetering.

Thank you to all the riders and parents for such a good year.
A big thank you to the Lightweight Motorcycle club for the use of their venue.


A huge thank you to Michael Harcourt, Kathleen Mercer, Paul Farbrace, Graham Jeanes, and Paul Castling for helping to run the events.
And of course Healthway & Five Star Yamaha for giving so many kids the opportunity to experience Motorcycle Sport.

There will be one more stand alone event this year so stay tuned.....





For more details,about Mini X please contact our Development Officer and Coach Mark at or call the office on 9371 5333.

Follow MiniX on Facebook HERE 

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