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MWA Giving Back To The Clubs

MWA will be returning the state-owned facility rider levy monies back to their clubs

  • 18 July 2018
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MWA Giving Back To The Clubs

Motorcycling Western Australia are pleased to advise that we will be returning the state-owned facility rider levy monies back to our clubs.


The levy was proposed at board level and then voted on and accepted by council in late 2012 and was implemented in 2013. The reasoning behind the levy was to future proof the sport and for the state to own a facility that all disciplines could use. Times have changed, we are now in 2018 and our focus as the state association is on our members, which includes our clubs.


We do not see it is our long-term focus to own and run a facility; instead, it is our job to assist our clubs in development, advocacy and long-term planning of their own club facilities. Due to this is the change in strategic direction we will be returning the rider facility levy to all our clubs in the next 1-2 months.


Each club will receive a form stating the share of the return which has been calculated based on an equal percentage of the investment into the state facility fund.


The levy was a standout issue in the recent review of MWA services, as an organisation we will continue to listen to our members and work towards building stronger relationships with our clubs.


This returned money can be invested by the clubs in any capacity they see fit and we look forward to seeing how the returned monies will benefit the clubs and more importantly their members.


Joe McCarthy


Motorcycling Western Australia

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