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Event Wrap Up - Summer Series 5, Woodendale Rd

A Word From Simon Price

  • 4 July 2018
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Event Wrap Up - Summer Series 5, Woodendale Rd
We all laugh when President Pete announced at The Blackwood that the next event was Summer Series 5. 

Well not quite summer weather but definitely stunningly spring conditions greeted riders at Woodendale Rd Toodyay.

What dastardly, dirty, devilish deeds would Thomas & Castelli have install for the trepid trials rider of the day. Well the answer started unfolding at the riders meeting. 10 sections 4 laps was the order, except Black plate & Robin the Stickman, he had to do two extra laps as Black Plate was only doing 3 laps. 44 riders fronted for the last of the Summer Series closed to club permitted event. Simon T & Kieran did a great job laying their first ever trial, Simon said he throughly enjoyed it and would be up for it again next year.


The sections were great along with a great lap. As always there is often a couple of special moments. Richard Baldwin lost his way in section 9 on the first lap and found quite a deep part of the creek. After paddling like a duck he also found out that his boots were water proof, because all the water that went in them, stayed in them.


Jake Kearns has started a new craze, Rock Surfing. On a rather steep downward part of section 6 he had to stop on large slab of rock. Well he stopped ok but the rock wasn’t all that happy about having a rider and bike on him so they all went for a little slide down the hill until Jake decided it might be wise to exist stage left quickly.


Great trial, many thanks to all the officials, the lovely scoring ladies and everyone that did their bit to run the event. 



Rhys Dundon hitting a step

Lewis and Mike Kitney had a small crash at the start of the day

Thank You!
Thank you to all of the officials and volunteers. Thanks to Simon Thomas and Kieran Castelli for organising a great trial!

Steward - John McGlone
Scrutineer - Richard Baldwin
Assistant Scrutineer - Kieran Castelli
Race Secretary - Lesley Ferguson
Assistant Race Secretary - Frank Walling
First Aid - Wendy Austin
Scoring - Sarah Martin & Victoria Steffanoni.





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