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Busselton 2nd and 3rd State Rounds-3rd and 4th June 2018

  • 14 June 2018
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Trail and Enduro Motorcycle Club of WA

What better way to spend the WA Day Long weekend than down in beautiful Busselton riding stunning trails amongst our never-ending bushland. 


With a total of 92 riders competing in rounds 2 & 3 of the State Enduro Championships and 9 non- competitive trail riders the weekend was a great success.


We’d like to thank our sponsors for the weekend, Able Sales and Bunbury City Motorcycles, for their support and the prizes they very kindly donated. We ran a raffle at the end of day 1, Liam took home the Able Sales pressure washer, while a bucket load of other riders won a prize from the Bunbury City Motorcycles table of goodies!



We were lucky enough for the sun to be shining throughout the weekend, until pack up time of course! Due to the previous rain the new trails were fun to ride and not too dusty. Each day the course consisted of 2 loops and 3 Special Tests, ridden up to 3 times each, with a total distance of 190Km for Experts, 155Km for Clubman, Veterans and Masters, and 130Km for Women and the Trail Class per day. 



This is the first time we have ran 3 Special Tests but the feedback has been very positive from the riders, so where possible we may do this again. The weekend saw the most competitive Expert classes that we have seen for a few years, with only seconds separating several riders.



It was great to see so many Trail riders join us as well, a trail rider rides everything except the special tests and has no time limitations, so they can ride at their own speed and skill level, it is a great way to try how an enduro works without the worry of racing or timing-out.  We hope some of our trail riders join us again and maybe even enter a class and give those special tests a try!



Another huge success from the weekend was having 7 women enter the Women’s class. This allowed us to run the Women’s class as a State Championship class unlike Denmark where they only had 3 women and therefore not enough to classify them as a State Championship class.  This meant the 3 women riders did not get any state points for that event. Thankfully state points could be awarded for the Busselton results so the women are finally back on the board.  



This looks positive to continue as they enjoy the support from each other and the fun atmosphere of riding together. We look forward to the class continuing to have enough women competitors to allow their points to grow throughout the year and fight for those podium positions at the MWA awards evening!



The main area we struggled with over the weekend was the number of volunteers and sweeps. We rely on volunteers to go out to our remote check points, run the main controls and the timing at our special tests. We had enough to run each section, but not enough to also be able to have backup timing in place in case technology failed us. Luckily this did not happen and we were able to run successfully timed tests over the whole weekend. We urge all our riders to bring along at least 1 person to help at 1 event over the season because if everyone does this we should have enough to run a stress-free event every time!



We would like to give a huge thank you to all the event officials and volunteers, you were all amazing and outdid yourselves. The time and effort you put in is unmeasurable and these events simply wouldn’t be able to happen without you, so thank you.



OK…let’s have a look at the results:


Day 1 – State Round #2 – Overall Results with Total Test Times (minutes: seconds):
• Expert 2
o 1st Place – MAX VLASICH – 23:34.958
o 2nd Place - DARREN RUDLING – 23:49.184
o 3rd Place - DEAN PORTER – 24:55.829

• Expert 1
o 1st Place – JARED CONNOR – 25:20.205
o 2nd Place - SEAN FOSTER – 26:12.333
o 3rd Place - DANIEL RODGERS – 27:11.667



• Veterans
o 1st Place – GAVIN RUSSELL - 20:58.239
o 2nd Place - JOSHUA TREASURE - 21:47.029 
o 3rd Place - GREGORY ROSS - 21:58.319

• Masters

o 1st Place - TROY WILSON - 21:30.300
o 2nd Place - GREG YATES - 23:08.647  
o 3rd Place - MARTY CALLEY - 24:04.055

• Clubman 1
o 1st Place - BRENNAN ABBS - 21:42.260 
o 2nd Place - JAKE KING - 23:33.740   
o 3rd Place - JOEL CALLEY - 23:56.072 

• Clubman 2
o 1st Place - MATTHEW MOORE - 22:30.607  
o 2nd Place - LUKE MAHER - 22:31.171   
o 3rd Place - CAMERON MACKIE - 23:08.703 

• Women
o 1st Place - AVRIL GILL - 15:26.927   
o 2nd Place - CARA POTTS - 17:30.854    
o 3rd Place - KAT KINGSLEY - 18:05.738 



Day 2 – State Round #3 – Overall Results with Total Test Times (minutes: seconds):
• Expert 2
o 1st Place – MAX VLASICH – 34:34.714 
o 2nd Place - DARREN RUDLING – 35:04.707 
o 3rd Place - DEAN PORTER – 36:19.551

• Expert 1
o 1st Place – JARED CONNOR – 38:27.457 
o 2nd Place - SEAN FOSTER  – 38:42.071 
o 3rd Place - DANIEL RODGERS – 40:02.938

• Veterans
o 1st Place – GAVIN RUSSELL - 33:06.219 
o 2nd Place - JOSHUA TREASURE - 34:28.802  
o 3rd Place - GREGORY ROSS - 35:37.349

• Masters

o 1st Place - TROY WILSON - 33:37.881 
o 2nd Place - ROB POLLARD - 36:45.467  
o 3rd Place - GREG YATES - 38:00.729 

• Clubman 1
o 1st Place - BRENNAN ABBS - 34:13.163  
o 2nd Place - JAKE KING - 37:00.869   
o 3rd Place - JOEL CALLEY - 38:10.944  

• Clubman 2
o 1st Place - CAMERON MACKIE - 36:27.347  
o 2nd Place - LUKE MAHER - 36:28.678    
o 3rd Place - MARIO MILOS - 37:39.802  

• Women
o 1st Place - AVRIL GILL - 30:34.702    
o 2nd Place - CARA POTTS - 33:38.912
o 3rd Place - KAT KINGSLEY - 34:17.821 



More results can be found on


Congratulations to all the riders and thank you again to the volunteers and officials who made this event possible!


We are also seeking the assistance from volunteers for all our events- email for more information or click the link below to find out more about volunteering at a T&E Event:


To View more photos HERE

To View Footage HERE

or follow us on facebook for even more photos and footage HERE



Hopefully see you all again at the next Trail and Enduro event!


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Entries close Tuesday 26th for everyone else with registered bikes

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Thank you to Lyn Makin, Sophie Fowler and the T & E committee for providing a detailed race report and awesome photos


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