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Bunbury KTM Suzuki Vinduro

26th-27th May 2018 at Collie Motorplex

  • 15 May 2018
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Bunbury KTM Suzuki Vinduro

VinduroWA's next event will be the "Bunbury KTM Suzuki Vinduro" on the 26th and 27th May at Collie Motorplex.

VinduroWA is a pre1995 enduro club, all you need is a bike built before 31 December 1994 and it doesn’t have to be licenced as the VinduroWA events are held on private properties. 

All VinduroWA events are non- competitive and are open to all ages and are for people who are interested in riding their classic bikes in enduros or on trail rides.

The club are looking to promote the sport of vintage enduro’s and open it to all bikes built prior to 31 Dec 1989, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s we don’t care. There will be no modern bikes. These will be days of fun and occasional competition on DT1’s, Savages, KLX’s, PE’s, WR’s, XR’s, IT’s and exotic bikes like the SWM, Bultaco etc.

If you‘ve got a bike from the era bring it along. All you require will be the right safety gear, and your bike prepared properly and a sense of humour!

To View Photos from the last VinduroWA event click HERE 
To View a Video from the last VinduroWA event click HERE

Event Location
Approximately 2:10 hour south of Perth, two ways in to the Motorplex from Collie. As shown on the Map below travel either via Preston Rd or follow the main rd east out of Collie and Turn right down Piavanini Rd past the Collie MX club. Follow the signs to the Motorplex. The event is for both adults and juniors (under 16yrs)

Drive past the Motorplex entrance and look for the VinduroWA sign(hopefully I’m there before you) at the next large bitumen turn off to the right. Travel up through the boom gate and large tyres, continue, you will come upon a large triangle intersection. Look for directions at that point.

Camping is available at the site. There will be Portable toilets. Bring your own Water. A campfire(bonfire) will only be lit in one designated area. Please ensure you keep your area clean.

There will be an area for kids (under 16yrs) to ride but they must be supervised at all times I repeat they must be supervised, no supervision, no ride If they ride on the loop they must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Please ensure that when you leave your area it is clean, please respect the property


Event Details

Clerk of the Course:  Paul Barker, Barry Mitcheson
The only people allowed on the loop before 1.30pm Saturday are the designated track markers and officials.
Sign on from 12.00pm Saturday and 8am Sunday. You can sign on any time after the aforementioned times. All bikes will be scrutineered for safety. Riders must wear correct safety gear. Riders brief at 1pm(Sat) and 8am(Sun), safety brief to be given to all riders who turn up at other times. All bikes must be pre1995, the only modern bikes that will be used by designated personnel for safety reasons only. We do not wish to offend by having to tell someone their bike is ineligible. Please check if you have any doubts.

Club Members
All riders taking part in this event must be members of VinduroWA, paid the entry fee, be holder of a current MA licence or take out a one event licence. Event entry is $30.00 (adult) $5.00 (kids) plus non-competitive licence ($30.00) if required, one day membership ($15) avail, full membership $70.00. All children under 16 will be given free one event membership

You can ride Saturday or Sunday or both days, it is your decision, for the one price.

Children: All children riding on the loop must be in company with a responsible adult. All children riding on any other area must be supervised by responsible adult. No adult accompaniment or supervision, no ride. This is for safety of all concerned and will not be varied

Saturday: The loop will be open from 1.30pm, last rider out at 4.30pm. All riders musted be signed out and in, to ensure all riders are accounted for.

Sunday: The loop will be opened from 9am until last rider out 2.30pm. All riders must be signed out and in to ensure all riders are accounted for.
Please bring a sense of humour, this is supposed to be fun. Remember constructive criticism!

The club are looking for properties where we can do 10-20km loops and the idea is to conduct social and competitive rides, but basically back in the day rules, the fastest will not always win. We hope for members to arrange and run events, all levels of experience welcome. We hope to hold events that commence about 9am and finish by approximately 2pm with members covering around 100kms or whatever they feel like completing. So if you know of anyone with property or you own property that we might be able to use, please let us know.

The club is affiliated with Motorcycling WA (MWA), to ensure insurance cover and regulated meetings.

Further information regarding the club and events can be found on the VinduroWA website  HERE

Facebook page:


Facebook Event HERE
Phone: Barry 0407577121


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