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A4DE Day Team WA Wrap

Cessnock NSW

  • 8 April 2018
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A4DE Day Team WA Wrap

Day 1 Wrap Up

Day one of riding kicked off with the WA Team arriving at the Showgrounds bright and early to get ready for a day full of special tests and trails. The weather this morning was a cool 20 degrees and cloudy. Our first riders leaving Parc ferme at 7:39am. At 8:00am some dark rain clouds rolled in with a bit of rainfall, but soon cleared around lunch time. 

All bar 1 of our riders checked in at the Millfield School for refuel, ready to go into their first test. The first casualty was Alan Makin's 1980 Husky on the way to the first TC. Most of the riders came in to refuel saying they had enjoyed the first of the trails and some were curious as to how the coming days would be treating them. At the second refuel stop at the Millfield the riders came in looking pretty dusty. A few of the riders said the tests were full of "knee deep bull dust ruts with some technical sections".

At 3pm the WA riders began to arrive at the last test of the day at the showgrounds with this test being a little different with logs, a few jumps and a water splash. A couple of quick rear tyre and air filter changes, then the riders began to get their bikes back into Parc ferme. 

After day 1 and 200km the feeling amongst the team was pretty positive. A number of riders finishing the day exhausted with it being their 1st A4DE they have now gained a better understanding of the challenging hills and terrain. 

Fourteen of the team will start day 2. The Junior Trophy Team, Max, Brock, Nathan and Jamie all finishing the day and doing well. Both of the Women’s Team, Avril and Kat, finished a very challenging day with some trail loss time. Well done all of Team WA and to Triton Transport Services for helping the team get to the A4DE.

Day 2 Wrap Up

Kat Kingsley finished Day 1, she was running very close to the 30 minute timing out by the end of the day. After day one she was not sure if she would be in for a restart for Day 2. But after the jury meeting TC 8 and TC 9's were zeroed so she had not lost so much time, she was very happy to be able to start today.


Avril Gill unfortunately took a wrong turn and missed a control which meant having to apply for a restart at end of field today. Both girls did a fantastic job to ride all day yesterday with some really tough trails and special tests.  It was the first senior enduro for Avril and first A4DE for both.


Day 2 saw Kat and Avril Gill head out in the morning really looking forward to putting some more kilometres under their belt. Kat pushed on to finish the day, all be it with some time penalties. Avril Gill started the day feeling great and was enjoying the trails but unfortunately had to retire due to re-injuring her wrist.

Day 2 Wrap Up-Part 2

Today consisted of 9 tests and 205kms. Riders arriving at the paddock at 6:30am to gear up and get ready to enter their morning work period. It was cooler weather this morning before a 26 degree day.


Max Vlasich was the first of our riders to arrive at the Clay Target Club re fuel service. The riders saying "this side of town is a whole lot better than yesterday's trails". The tests that followed were fast. Time was tight with riders having to push hard to get into the last TC on time before heading home for a busy work period. A majority of the team changed tyres.


Unfortunately we had a few injuries today ending the 4 Day for Nathanial Beatie and Avril Gill, but both are still in pretty good spirits. Some riders still waiting on time penalty clarifications to see their final results for today. Alan Makin returned with a big smile on his face after finishing on his 1980 husky after a quick rebuild last night.


The vibe around the team tent is very positive coming to a close of a very tiring day 2. With many helpers on deck today all headed off for a well needed rest. Some of the team looking for an ice bath ready to get rolling again tomorrow. Outright results (pending) for WA riders, Max Vlasich 29th, Nathan Howe 57th, Brock Buckingham 82th, Jamie Makin 87th , Trent Sykes 111th, Nick Jeggo 131st, Cam Vanstan 132nd, Lachlan Carter 142nd, Angel Uruchima 216th, Mick Jongen 240th and Kat Kingsley 244th. 

Thanks to Emily Tillbrook for the Day 2-Part 2 wrap up.




Day 3 Wrap Up

Day 3 of 4 was underway once again bright and early. After a good night’s rest and recovery the riders started arriving to the paddock at 6am with a remote fuel drop off and getting their heads around the day’s schedule. Their bodies were at the point now where the aches and pains really had started to set in. With the encouragement and support within the team the riders set off on what was expected to be the hardest day yet. The temperature was expected to heat up to 29 degrees.


It was a very busy 10 minute morning work period for the helpers with 11 remaining riders in the team. Riders had also been re seeded which meant the Team had 6 riders leaving only minutes apart. Today consisted of 5 special tests, 165km and over 6 hours of riding. The trail conditions were very dry, dusty and had some long rough hills. Riders saying it was hard to find a rhythm. One 90 minute trail section was so tough it only had an average speed of 20km hr.


At the first service check point the WA team came in looking a little bit worn out, but with Lynne giving some encouraging words and many helpers assisting, the riders were able to get their heads back in their racing mindset. We unfortunately had Alan Makin with a dnf on the husky with clutch trouble. Kat Kingsley put in an amazing effort to come this far, but mid-way through today could not hang on and was too exhausted, deciding she would not continue. Kat should be so proud of her efforts.

We had an awesome bout of team spirit at the end of the day when Michael Jongen entered the last test of the day, running very late on time. The WA riders and helpers cheered Mike on so loud you could hear them all the way from the team tent.


The WA Junior Trophy Teams, Brock Buckingham, Nathan Howe, Jamie Makin and Max Vlasich have all finished the day and are in 3rd place . They dug deep on Day 3 and looking forward to an easier Day 4. .

The Senior Team's, Lachlan Carter, Cam Vanstan, Trent Sykes and Nick Jeggo finished the day as did Angel Uruchima and Mick Jongen. Day 4 final moto to come. Thanks for the wrap up Emily Tilbrook.


Day 4-Update 

Coming into day four the teams were feeling the effects of a tough first three days, but a 45km trail ride and the all-important final moto was what stood between the teams and the finish line. The final moto was held at Cessnock Racecourse, a wide grass track was what faced the teams as they battled the 2.1km long course for five laps.

Junior Trophy 
NSW have taken out day four at the A4DE in Cessnock with a time of 0:54:01, but Victoria have had the last laugh in the Junior Trophy taking out the overall with a second place on day four. A time of 0:55:02 was enough for the Victorians to claim the overall with Stuart Holt, Jesse Lawton, Trent Tucci and Andrew Wilksch putting together a solid four days of riding. Western Australia rounded out the podium in the Junior Trophy on day four, to back up a consistent four days. Brock Buckingham, Nathan Howe, Jamie Makin and Max Vlasich put in a time of 1:02:17, which was enough for third on the day and overall.

Team WA-We did it!! 3rd place in the A4DE Junior Trophy Team goes to WA.


Congratulations Team WA-Brock Buckingham, Nathan Howe, Jamie Makin and Max Vlasich, WA Junior Trophy Team.

A tough event and they dug deep when they needed too.

None of our riders had done a 4 Day Enduro before this event. 

Huge thank you to all our helpers, you were the back bone of their success. 


Overall A4DE Senior Trophy Provisional Results

NSW – 12:50:47.343
QLD – 13:24:50.519
VIC – 17:17:07.414
WA – 26:33:55.908
SA – 28:46:44.481

Overall A4DE Junior Trophy Provisional Results
VIC – 09:09:34.720
NSW – 09:19:29.132
WA – 09:58:28.154
ACT – 12:41:46.888
QLD – 13:52:05.806

Overall A4DE Ladies Trophy Provisional Results
NSW – 04:52:45.626
ACT – 06:56:17.197
QLD – 08:35:07.590
VIC – 11:28:54.589
WA – 20:24:39.981

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