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Flag Marshal’s Help

  • 28 March 2018
  • Posted By: Linda
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Flag Marshal’s Help
Our Motorcycling WA Sport Panels are in place to provide ideas and suggestions to help the various motorcycle disciplines. Recently the MX Panel recognised that there were people wanting to volunteer to flag marshal, and clubs looking for flag marshals and a database was suggested to connect the two. 


The idea of a Facebook group was arrived at as the most effective way to provide that connection, given the amount of people on social media.


So, if you are interested in flag marshalling, a club short of flag marshals, or even someone who wants to swap their rostered shift, or anything at all to do with flag marshal’s, this page is for you. And not just MX. Road race, Supermoto, Trial (for observers), Speedway, Enduro all welcome.


Share your flag marshal tips and tricks, ask for advice provide some commentary, we welcome it all.


Like the page, share it, the more people on board the better.




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