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Motorcycling Western Australia – Back to Basics

  • 12 January 2018
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Motorcycling Western Australia – Back to Basics

As part of its regular review of services and programs, the Motorcycling Western Australlia board and management team is embarking on a direction of getting back to the essential services important for our member clubs. “Back to basics”


Motorcycling Western Australia is a member based organisation and it is essential that the services our clubs require are delivered in an effective and timely way.

To ensure we can continue to deliver relevant services and programs into the future that are of benefit to riders – our members, clubs, and the sport, firstly all programs and services currently offered will undergo a full review for relevance and effectiveness. This will occur over the coming weeks. We expect some immediate positive changes to come from this and as they are made we will let you know. An example of this is the immediate review of the Practice Supervisor requirements.
In addition, a consultant will be contacting each and every club either in person or via teleconference to find out your views on what is not working, what is working, how we are currently assisting our clubs, and how we can provide better service. The feedback we gather will guide us in providing new and better services.

Times are changing and like any organisation we cannot afford to stand still, we look forward to working with you to ensure Motorcycling Western Australia remains effective for our clubs, our volunteers and ultimately our riders.


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