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  • 13 December 2017
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This Saturday night will see the 70th running of the WA Solo Championship and the 34th running of the WA Junior (Under 16) 125cc title at Make Smoking History Pinjar Park.

The senior championship is the oldest speedway competition in the state, having commenced some 90 years ago during the first ever season at the Claremont Speedway.
The date was Saturday November 26, 1927 when the WA "Cinder Track" Championship was staged over five laps (two miles).
Three heats were run and won by Ted Kinnear (Indian), Sig Schlam (BSA) and Charlie Datson (Harley Davidson).
Schlam's heat win time was 2 min. 14 2/5 - an amazing seven seconds under the track record.

The West Australian report on Monday read as follows:-
 "The final promised to be thrilling, and so it was. Schlam gained the jump out from the gun, but Kinnear sprang a surprise by chasing and heading him. His advantage was short lived, however, for Datson darted through on the inside as they passed the stand for the first time, and established a lead of 12 yards from Schlam, who was just in front of Kinnear. With three quarters of the second lap covered, and while the riders were travelling at a great rate, Datson came off, and Schlam went on to win comfortably from Kinnear."
A year later Schlam was still on his way back home from riding in England when 17 year old Fred Kirkpatrick took out the second state title.
Englishman Arthur Atkinson triumphed over Schlam in the 1929-30 event.  

Claremont ran infrequently during the 1930s with Mick Murphy successful in the 1936-37 season.
Following World War 2 racing resumed at Claremont with Wally Higgs becoming the first two-time state champ in the early 1950s.
Chum Taylor earned five WA titles during his illustrious career, a figure only exceeded by six-times victors Mick McKeon and Glenn Doyle.
Overseas winners of the state title, apart from  Atkinson, have been Ken McKinlay (Scotland), Ove Fundin (Sweden), Ivan Mauger (New Zealand), Simon Cross (England) and Rob Woffinden (England).

Interstate victors have been Aub Lawson (NSW), Corey Gathercole (Victoria) and Chris Holder (NSW).
The last five titles have been shared between local stars Cameron Heeps and Daniel Winchester.
The Under 16 (125cc) WA Championship dates back to the early 1980s when Michael Carter was successful at Bibra Lake.
The closure of the Bibra Lake circuit meant that the 2004-05 title could not be held.
The following summer saw junior action commence here at Pinjar Park with the 2005-06 titleholder being Tai Woffinden, who we all know has gone to become a two-times World Champion.
Cameron Heeps dominated the next few state titles before Matt Marson won a hat-trick of victories.
Declan Killeen took out the 2015-16 event with Queenslander Keynan Rew winning last season.

To View a list of this years competitors click HERE


1927-28                 Sig Schlam
1928-29                 Fred Kirkpatrick  
1929-30                 Arthur Atkinson (Eng)
1936-37                 Mick Murphy                       
1950-51                 Wally Higgs                           
1951-52                 Wally Higgs                           
1952-53                 Ray Melville                         
1953-54                 Rusty Wainwright
1954-55                 George McPherson            
1955-56                 Ron Johnson                        
1957-58                 Chum Taylor                         
1959-60                 George McPherson            
1960-61                 Aub Lawson                         
1961-62                 Chum Taylor                         
1962-63                 Chum Taylor                         
1963-64                 Ross Nickisson
1964-65                 Jim Phillips                            
1965-66                 Ken McKinlay (Scot)           
1966-67                 Ross Nickisson     
1967-68                 Chum Taylor                         
1968-69                 Ove Fundin (Sweden)
1969-70                 Chum Taylor                         
1970-71                 Terry O’Leary                      
1971-72                 Les Leisk                               
1972-73                 Ivan Mauger (NZ)
1973-74                 Rod Chessell                        
1974-75                 Peter Thompson 
1975-76                 Les Leisk                               
1976-77                 Mick McKeon                      
1977-78                 Mick McKeon                      
1978-79                 Mick McKeon                      
1979-80                 Robert Moores    
1980-81                 Mick McKeon                      
1981-82                 Glyn Taylor                           
1982-83                 Glyn Taylor                           
1983-84                 David Cheshire    
1984-85                 Mick McKeon                      
1985-86                 Mick McKeon                      
1986-87                 Simon Cross (Eng)               
1987-88                 Rob Woffinden (Eng)          
1988-89                 Glenn Doyle                         
1989-90                 Glenn Doyle                         
1990-91                 Glenn Doyle                         
1991-92                 Glenn Doyle         
1992-93                 Glenn Doyle                         
1993-94                 Steve Johnston                    
1994-95                 Glenn Doyle         
1995-96                 Steve Johnston                    
1996-97                 Lee Redmond                      
1997-98                 Frank Smart                          
1998-99                 Guy Wilson                           
1999-00                 Lee Redmond                      
2000-01                 Guy Wilson                           
2001-02                 Guy Wilson                           
2002-03                 Lee Blackman                      
2003-04                 Steve Johnston                    
2004-05                 Trevor Harding    
2005-06                 David Cheshire    
2006-07                 Corey Gathercole (Vic)
2007-08                 Chris Holder (NSW)            
2008-09                 Frank Smart                         
2009-10                 Leigh Boujos                        
2010-11                 Leigh Boujos                        
2011-12                 Frank Smart          
2012-13                 Cameron Heeps
2013-14                 Daniel Winchester              
2014-15                 Cameron Heeps  
2015-16                 Daniel Winchester              
2016-17                 Cameron Heeps  
1982-83                 Michael Carter
1983-84                 David Cheshire
1984-85                 Scott Fisher
1985-86                 Matthew Hartnett
1986-87                 Matthew Hartnett
1987-88                 Matthew Hartnett
1988-89                Matthew Hartnett
1989-90                 Matthew Hartnett
1990-91                 Lucas Sterry
1991-92                 Todd Johnson
1992-93                 Todd Johnson      
1993-94                 Danny Horton
1994-95                 Bradley Rose
1995-96                 Jason Boin
1996-97                 Rodney Rose
1997-98                 Rodney Rose
1998-99                 Adam Watkins
1999-00                 Trevor Harding
2000-01                 Trevor Harding
2001-02                 Trevor Harding
2002-03                 Daniel Harding
2003-04                 Bob King
2004-05                 (Not H
2005-06                 Tai Woffinden
2006-07                Cameron Heeps
2007-08                Cameron Heeps
2008-09                 Cameron Heeps
2009-10                 Cameron Heeps
2010-11                 Cameron Heeps
2011-12                Sheldon Gill 
2012-13                 Matt Marson
2013-14                 Matt Marson
2014-15                 Matt Marson
2015-16                 Declan Killeen
2016-17                 Keynan Rew (Qld)

 By Ken Brown

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