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Classic MXWA introduces “Rule 20” for the 2018 season

  • 9 December 2017
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Classic MXWA introduces “Rule 20” for the 2018 season

Classic MXWA wishes to announce the introduction of “Rule 20” for the 2018 season. Rule 20 will see the club run a class for machines that are over 20 years old (on an annual rolling basis), with Pre ’98 being added to the class mix for 2018.


While the Manual of Australian Motorcycle Sport (MOMS) recognises Classic Motocross categories up to Pre ’90, with the likely inclusion of Pre ’95 in the near future, Classic MX WA feels that moving to a rolling 20 year rule will see more riders attracted to the sport earlier in their riding career with the added benefit of a new pool of machinery becoming valid to ride at Classic MXWA events.


Classic MXWA prides itself on being a progressive organisation; we believe Rule 20 will make the sport of Classic Motocross accessible to more riders in the state and bring more members to what is already a vibrant and diverse club.


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