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MWA Reduces All Competition Fees by 25% for 2018

Aims to ensure clubs are stronger

  • 24 November 2017
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MWA Reduces All Competition Fees by 25% for 2018
The MWA board and CEO Rick Gill are very pleased to announce, that in order to better support clubs during a tough economic time, all competitions – club, interclub and open – run by clubs and promoters will be charged 25% overall less than last year.

With competition fees in WA already overall the cheapest in Australia, this is very much leading from the front to ensure costs are minimised and participation maximised.

CEO Rick Gill has been visiting clubs and said “the continuing cost to riders, of which MWA costs are but just one factor has been a very clear message. MWA is committed to do its bit in the area it can control”.


In other budget news, MWA continues to push forward with risk management programs for clubs and enabling clubs to access Ridernet, the MA online sport management portal.

Risk management continues to play a huge part in our ability to remain a viable sport, and our clubs as providers of participation are in the firing line. MWA is committed to ensuring clubs have strong risk processes in place, that goes beyond reducing injury and does cover finance, environment, social and administrative risks, all of which can impact on our clubs to operate. A raft of resources has been developed to make this as painless a task as possible.

Ridernet is our new tool, released in late 2015, which is destined to make like easier not just for riders (who are already using it to renew licences) but importantly club secretaries and club volunteers to manage events, take entries, take club memberships and apply for those important permits. With several clubs now on board, Ridernet is coming to a club near you in 2018.

The GoMoto Ride Park program which sees clubs turn into a ride park for a day, while having been around a while has been revamped. Expect to see more of these at clubs across the state under the motto “come and ride a real race track”.

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