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Chum Taylor & Dennis Nash Foundation Cup

  • 8 November 2017
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Chum Taylor & Dennis Nash Foundation Cup
Raindrops heralded the start of the 2017 – 2018 season openers, the Chum Taylor and Dennis Nash Foundation Cup. The rider parade was spectacular with all competitors refreshing either paintwork, riding gear or their race jackets. Grant conducted a brief interview with Chum and the riders were blessed by Motorplex Chaplain Terry Dorrington.

The pre-program has seen as members of the peewee brigade climb to either the 110cc Thumpster  - Darcey, Axle and Lochie or 125cc Lites – Axle, Max and Lincoln and we welcomed back Ryder and Jett as new peewees riders Nate and Braxton come on board. There are spaces in the 110cc division if anyone would like to climb aboard. It was exciting to see Axle, Max and Lincoln join Xander in the 125cc junior Lites division – you can catch up with their riding on the YouTube channel! The final saw Lincoln take out the final over Xander and Axle – well done guys!


Five junior riders were on the track and we welcomed Mitchell McDiarmid to the ranks, joining Jack, Declan, Luke and Chris. These guys were on the pace early on the night not letting the rain affect their races. Declan has mechanical issues and did not finish and heat. The final saw Luke start on the red gate and take out the final from Declan on the yellow gate and Chris from the blue gate.

Brad and Ryan have returned on the 250cc solo bikes with Ryan crossing the white line and being excluded in one heat, Brad was able to hang onto his form and take out the final

In the 500cc division, there was a full field however the Ziedas Brothers, Jarryd and Kobee both suffered extensive mechanical failures and will be scrambling to rebuild their bikes in time for the Sidecar Spectacular. There was plenty of mud being slung around as Daniel Winchester streaked ahead of the field, gaining highest points over the night from Marson, Hunter and Bishop. 

Bishop had an extraordinary night – excluded from 2 races for crossing the white line, riding off against Des Heys successful return for a place in the final then taking out the checked flag in the final that saw a rerun occur as Winchester took a slide and Hunter taking evasive action as he tried to avoid Winchester and the wall. Both riders will have sore and sorry muscles! 
Drew Winchester has picked up place and secured a checked flag finish on the night whist Fufaro and Gittus had mixed fortunes on the night. The final saw Bishop take honours over Marson and Hunter.

The Junior sidecar riders had a mixed fortune night, the Fewster combination would have been thrilled with top scoring the vent and the final whilst Harvey /Solomon were having mechanical bugs – let us hope these will be ironed out over the next month – still more room for another sidecar in this division for those interested!
The senior sidecar division had plenty of grunt. Bryan/Young top scored from Mills/Young and newcomers Fanderlinden / Fanderlinden with Payne /Holmwood not to far away even with taking in some air in one of their heats. Father and Son team Bishop had a mixed bag of results – excluded from two races. Another new team Hankin / Moffat took it easy on the night for their first competitive riders. 

Clarke stole Reece from Charsley when their sidecar had mechanical problems whilst Harvey and Metcalf could not get the bugs out of their sidecar. Top honours of the night went to Mills/Thomas from Bryan /Young and Fanderlinden / Fanderlinden.

Many Thanks to our Volunteers, Officials and Riders who put the meeting together. Additionally, thank you to our Photographers and Facebook contributors for promoting the Club before and after the event – hope you are enjoying photos and videos.

The next meeting is the Sidecar Spectacular on the 25th November – there are some outfits that still require a passenger on the side so message the club via Facebook and we will put you in touch with the rider! There are two – three new outfits on the track this season along with regular outfits of the Bishop Father and Son, Charsley/Reece, Shield/Brown, Mills/Thomas, Bryan/Young, Payne/Holmwood to mention a few so come and make your acquaintance…it will be a good meet!

The senior track surface has now been blended and graded several times over, the fence is nearing completion with the air fence almost ready to be installed and the pit gates are being constructed as we speak. The club has installed a large ablution block near the pits and is busy organising water and electricity to the track and ablution block. Getting the track licensed is inching forward steadily – if you have time or skills that will help with the construction and preparation of the grounds you are more than welcome to message the club via Facebook and we will put you in touch with the appropriate person.


Bring your solos, sidecars, 50cc and 110cc bikes down to the junior track and perfect your skills. Officials, first aid and limited canteen available!


Anyone want to be a passenger on a speedway sidecar? Contact Mark Bodle or Adam Wenn if you keen to give it a go.

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