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Who’s racing what and where? The road to being a champion…

Bronson Pickett #15

  • 5 September 2017
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Who’s racing what and where? The road to being a champion…

In an endeavour to ensure that those individuals travelling outside of WA to compete in their chosen form of Motorcycling, get the acknowledgement and peer support that they deserve, Motorcycling WA have created a new segment on the Website, Facebook and ENews. 

This segment called “Who’s racing what and where” will hopefully highlight across a broad spectrum of media outlets, aside from social media, the highs and even the lows of our local riders competing in events nationally and internationally all year round.

It will help keep our members informed of their peer’s achievements and give our readers and local media an insight to our sport and the efforts that are made behind the scenes and will also help these competitors gain some much needed exposure that may end up helping with future sponsorship outside of the motorcycling industry.

For this segment to work we need a little input from these competitors or from their families as we can’t possibly know who is racing where 100% of the time and there is nothing worse from our perspective than a hard working competitor missing out on the accolades that they deserve.

If you or someone you know, that is a Motorcycling WA member, and is competing nationally or internationally drop us a line with a bit of information as in where and what they are racing, a bit of history and make it an opportunity to thank their sponsors and a recent photo or two.
Email the information to our media officer, Linda at or message her on Facebook 

We put a little post up on facebook last weekend and our first response was from Bronson Pickett and his dad Mark and a fantastic example of the information that we could utilise.

Bronson Pickett #15

Bronson Pickett is 14 years of age and resides in Perth Western. Bronson started racing in the Supersport 300 Class last year at the Kings of the Wanneroo. 
Bronson sent us an update on how this year is panning out for him.

“As we currently can’t race at Barbagallo Raceway, dad thought it would be better for my racing to head east and I've competed in 5 rounds in the ASBK Supersport 300 class and at the moment I am in 7th place”.  

“The racing is the toughest I ever had to do as there is always a full grid, I think I've been hit in every race at the first turn, so plenty of action in the races. Morgan Park was the last round I did, finished 6th, 6th and 5th for the day!”

“We then went onto Eastern Creek for testing, this went well I do like the fast tracks, and we are back at Eastern Creek in 2 weeks’ time to race round 6 looking forward to this meeting”. 

“My favourite track is Phillip Island in Melbourne and in Darwin the Hidden Valley track. Next year I will be competing in the same class as this year and hoping to try to try out some racing in Malaysia also”.

“I would like to thank my sponsors Pete's Harley Services, Steve’s Motorcycles, M&B Rubbish Disposal and C&J Mills Drainage and a big thanks to Jim Hollands my Mechanic.”

Bronson Pickett #15

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