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Motorcycling WA Women in Trials

2017 Winter Series

  • 1 September 2017
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Motorcycling WA Women in Trials
Most people were at home keeping out of the wild weather on Sunday 13th August, but AJS Moto Trials was hosting a very wet, muddy and cold interclub trial out at Morangup on Georgie and Dave Thomas’ property. 

The Winter Series consists of six trials shared by AJS Moto Trials and Pathfinders MCC over the winter, this was number 5 and the wettest yet. We had 49 riders with 10 of them being sidecar ‘pilots’ and their passengers.


Pathfinders and AJS Moto Trials clubs have seven sidecars that regularly compete. Three have women sidecar passengers. “On Any Sunday” (a classic trials movie) Katie, Lauren and Steph are out in the mud, water and rain tackling the challenging sections with their ‘pilots’. 


Lauren has been involved in the Pathfinders trials community since she was a young girl, not riding but watching her Mum, dad and brother ride. She decided to have a go at being a sidecar passenger with her dad (Brad) for the annual Charity Trial back in 2013. Riding for Lauren is not necessarily about being competitive, but getting out there to challenge herself, have fun and most importantly having that father-daughter time. 


“Dad and I have little achievements every time we ride, we have both come a long way since we first started riding together, knowing now we can get through more technical sections and have built confidence to get over the bigger obstacles without hurting ourselves”. 

Steph started riding with Leo when Lauren and her family introduced her to trials 3 years ago. It was a great way to spend time with friends and meet new people.
“I enjoy the camaraderie, getting out into the bush and challenging ourselves. Our greatest achievement is coming 2nd by one point at the WA State Championships in 2015”.

Katie has been involved in Moto Trials all her life as her Dad (Steve Cox) has been an avid rider since he was a kid. Sidecars have always fascinated her, so she decided to have a go at a trial a few years ago and loved it.

“Dad suggested last year that we make a team and have a go. This is our first year competing and we are loving the challenge every week. The whole WA sidecar community welcomed us with open arms and each week give us new tips and hints to help us on our ever-growing learning journey. 



I love the fact that Dad and I get to spend time together doing something we both enjoy. On my wedding day last year, Dad had a genius plan to 'walk' me half way down the aisle on the sidecar. It was a nerve wracking experience, but one that Dad and I will cherish forever”.



AJS Moto Trials Website HERE 

Pathfinders MCC Website HERE

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