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  • 16 August 2017
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MWA’s Rising Stars
We know the season is not yet done and dusted, and we appreciate the dedication and many hours of training that is required for our members to compete at this level.

In return for their commitments to competing in their choice of discipline/s, Motorcycling Western Australia would like to promote those elite riders that are running in the Top 5 of their State Motorcycling championships. 

In no particular order or reason we will be acknowledging these competitors on a daily basis on our facebook page, adding to the "Elite Rider" board every few days on the website and updating the E-News each week.

If you have recieved an email or letter from Motorcycling Western Australia in regards to this opportunity to promote yourself and haven't yet done so please forward the information requested to Linda at and Nathalie at

Please refrain from sending the information via facebook messages, thank you.  

Don't forget to save Friday the 13th of October 2017 to your calendar as this is when the official Motorcycling Western Australia State Title presentation will take place. This event will be held at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle.

The Night of Champions honours State Champions across all disciplines and each year inducts worthy recipients into the Motorcycling WA Hall of Fame. 

Competitors who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive a complimentary invitation to the Night of Champions. Junior parents will receive one complimentary invitation.

To see more on this year's Night of Champions click HERE

We look forward to the opportunity to continually promote our members achievements and wish all Motorcycling Western Australia members the best of luck for the remaining rounds of their championships.


Rising Star-Megan Bagnall


Megan currently sits in 5th position in the Women's Class in the MX State Championships.

I am a year 12 student and I have been racing motocross for only four years. Since I started racing I have had a couple unlucky years and am working hard to get back to where I was, and hopefully soon it will all fall back into place.
I would not be where I am today without Cully's Yamaha, Fly Racing, Dynotime, Yamalube, Sidi boots and jims Antennas and my parents.
I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season and can hopefully get the results I know that I can.


Rising Star-Shane Williams


Shane currently sits in 5th position in the 100-125cc 2str 15 years old Junior MX State Championships.
My name is Shane Williams and I am 16 years old. I have been riding and racing MX for two years, so this is my second year. I ride a 125 KTM.  I have had a good year so far, with consistent results in my first State Round series. I am enjoying riding all the different tracks and the tracks have been awesome. 

I would love to ultimately finish the series amongst the top five in my class. But I recognise the tough and experienced competition I am up against. In the end competing in MX makes me strive to continue to improve my riding and fitness.

I would like to thank all the people who have supported me and encouraged me to do my best, and those that have helped me and my mum at the track.



Rising Star-Cody Richards


Cody currently sits in 4th position in the 100-125cc 2str 13-15 years old Junior MX State Championships.

My name is Cody Richards and I’m 15 years old. This is my third season racing and this year I’m riding in the 125 and 250 classes.

I'm a member at Wanneroo Junior Motorcycle Club, but also compete at all the state rounds and open events.

A highlight so far this season would be the Manjimup 15,000. It was a great weekend riding with mates from all across WA.

I'm looking forward to next month travelling to Horsham with my dad to compete in the Junior National Titles.

Thanks to Vikki Hill Photography

Rising Star-Bridie Pearse

Bridie’s love for quad riding began at the age of 3 years, at the age of 6 she joined Wanneroo Junior MC and started participating in the demo class. Bridie now competes in the Quads 60-90cc/85-110cc4st Limited, where she currently sits in 4th position in the Junior MX State Championships.

This year Bridie was excited to see that 3 Quad rounds where included in the State Championships, that meant she not only saw her 2-wheeler friends at club rounds but also at the State Rounds.
Bridie enjoys competing in the quad rounds but also loves to ride just for fun of it , Bridie said “the best part of motocross is hanging out with my friends, especially all the quad riding girls”.

Rising Stars-Seth Clark

Seth began participating in the motocross demo class at the age of 4 years. At 11 years of age he now races a 65cc and 85cc in the Junior MX State Championships where he currently sits in 2nd position on the 65cc class, in 3rd position in the 85cc 2st/150cc 4st class.

Although Seth says, “luck has not been on side this year” he is grateful he has managed to maintain his positions in the top 3 for both classes.  Seth enjoys competing and riding with his mates and hopes to attend the Junior MX National Championships in Horsham, Victoria next month.
Seth’s sponsors are, Toodyay Auto Centre, sixty7 mx, Choice Suspension, Boxline Industries, Transrig, Mandurah City KTM, MX Ink, RipnRoll, mum and dad.

Rising Stars Sonny Pellicano

At 9 years of age and coached by former champion Ivan Safranek, Sonny competes in the in the Junior Motocross State Championships in the 50cc class where he currently sits in 2nd position and the 65cc class where he is currently in 5th position.

Sonny has participated in motorcycling since the age of 5, having a go at Speedway and Enduro, but his passion is Motocross. This is where he has concentrated his efforts with excellent results, from his winning the Manjimup 15000 50cc class, to his current position in the WA Junior Motocross State Championships.
Goals that Sonny would like to achieve this year are: to finish in the top 3 in the Junior Motocross State Championships, and top 5 in the Junior Motocross National Championship in Horsham, Victoria.
Sonny’s sponsors are Savage motorcycles, EXP Resources, Motorex, Alpinestars, we buy your, Aussiemoto Engineering.

Rising Stars Caelan Campione

Caelan competes in the Quads Up to 200cc 2st/Up to 250cc 4st where he currently sits in 2nd position in the Junior MX State Championships.
From the first time Caelan hopped on a 50cc Quad at the age of 5 in his home town of Port Hedland he was hooked. Since then he taken part in many events; this year not only has he entered all 3 State Champions Rounds but  he has also competed in most of Open Events and Club Rounds.
Commenting on the season so far Caelen said “It has been awesome for the quads to have had 3 state rounds this year, and I am looking forward to moving up to senior next year”.
Throughout the 2017 season Caelan has focused on his fitness and training and this has help him obtained much improved and consistent results. For his last year participating as a junior rider he would like to achieve a podium finish in the Junior MX State Championship.
Though looking forward to competing as a senior rider Caelan says he will always remember the great friendships and fun he has had as a junior competitor. He would like to thank all his fellow competitors for all their help and support this year – and for the great battles.
Caelan's sponsor is Legend Quad Services

Rising Star Kai McGinty #407

Currently in 2nd position in the 65cc 7-U10 Yrs MX State Championships.

My name is Kai McGinty, I am 10 years old. I have been racing motocross since I was 8 years old. I started riding state rounds last year finishing 8th which was really exciting. My favourite event is the Manjimup 15000 where this year I finished 2nd on the 65cc and 3rd on the 85cc, it was an awesome day. This years state rounds have been a little up and down where if I can stay on my bike I can get good results. I would love to finish the last round at Coastals with a podium finish to boost my chances of remaining in the top 3. 

I am a member at Manjimup Motorcycle Club, Mum and Dad get me to the track whenever they can, and I have had some great coaching with Reece Colgan which has seen my technique and speed improve a lot. I have loved racing this year and have had some great support from my sponsors Frosty Fox Estate, Jim Sarinis Plumbing and McGinty Electrics.

Rising Star Connor Wiese #188

Currently in 3rd position in the 50cc 7-U10 Yrs MX State Championships

Living on a farm east of Narrogin it was only natural for Connor to start riding at the young age of 3, but it was attending motocross events with the older kids that started his love for competing.
Now at 8 years of age he competes in the 50cc Auto where he currently sits in 3rd position in the Western Australian Junior State MX Championship.
When not attending race days or practice days Connor plays football and enjoys all ball sports and anything that involve wheels.

Rising Star – Seth Shackleton 

Currently in 1st position in both the 50cc and 65cc MX State Championships.


Seth started participating in motocross at the age of 6. Now at 9 years of age he competes in the WA State MX 


Seth’s goal this year is to win a State Championship title and a Podium at the MX National Championships in Horsham.
Seth would like to thank Luke of 14 MXD, Louis of LCC and his sponsors Mandurah KTM, Choice Suspension, BO Motor
Oils, Boxline Industries, JCF Haulage and Mum and Dad.

Motorcycling Western Australia is proud to showcase the rising stars within our sport, we acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all our competitors.
Please take the time to view their profiles and learn a little bit about Western Australia’s
future Champions.
WA State Championship awards will be presented at the Night of Champions, 13 October at the Esplanade, Fremantle

Declan McGhee
Currently in 4th position in the 50cc

Declan first started riding in the Enduro discipline at the age of 4 and later moved to join Motorcross.
Now 9 years of age he competes in the MX Championships in the 50cc and he also the 65cc class

Declan’s best achievement to date is his podium win in 3rd place at the Manjimup 15000 and taking out 1st place on both bikes
in B grade at the Golden Wheel, Kalgoorlie.
When Declan is not competing in motocross he races BMX bike, this is one of the way he maintains his fitness.
Declan’s sponsor are Harry and Southside Motorcycle Repairs.

All State Championship awards will be presented at the Night of Champions 13 October at the Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle
Motorcycling Western Australia is proud to showcase the rising stars within our sport, we acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all our competitors.
Please take the time to view their profiles and learn a little bit about Western Australia’s future Champions.

Mitchell Ackland

Currently in 5th position in the 65cc

Mitchell has come a long way since the age of 3 when he first staring riding motorcycle.
He competed in his first state round in 2014 and now at the age of 11 he competes in 2 classes, the 85cc and the 65cc.
Mitchell looks forward to every state round and enjoys the close racing against tough competitor.
When not competing Mitchell trains with the local Narrogin MX riders.  His goal for the year is achieve top 5.

Bevan Barnett

My name is Bevan Barnett and I have been riding since I was 3 years old and racing since 2012. I currently compete on a YZ 125 and a YZ 250F.

I am a member of Wanneroo Junior Motorcycle club and I also compete in all the State rounds and Open events.

My mum takes me to practice as often as she can and I also train with a personal trainer twice a week.

My goal this year is to compete at the Junior Nationals in Horsham in Victoria. This will be my last year in junior competition as I will move up to seniors to compete at a senior level in State rounds and Open events.

Cobey Brown

My Name is Cobey Brown, I am 10 years old.   I have been racing mx since I was 6 years old.  This is my second year on the small wheel 85 and I have been having a pretty good year this far.  I have been having some fairly consistent results in the state round series and having some good battles along the way.  

Ultimately I'd love to finish with a podium  this year but would need to be at my best with the standard of competition in my class.  I go out to the track and train with my Dad, who also still races in the Vets class and we push each other to the limits.  

This year I managed to finish 2nd at the Manjimup 15000 also which was a great day of racing.  I'm looking forward to the last two rounds to see if I can improve my standing.  I also would like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors Bunbury KTM and Suzuki for their continued support and Peter from Van Leeuwen Performance for all his help this year as well.

Bridie Pearse

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