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Round 4 Make Smoking History Senior Motocross Championship

Ulinga Park - Beverley Motocross Club

  • 10 July 2017
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Round 4 Make Smoking History Senior Motocross Championship
With a huge orange moon hanging low in the sky and fog surrounding the track riders began their race day.  The sun arrived to herald clear skies for Round 4 Make Smoking History Senior Motocross Championship at the home of Beverley Motocross Club, Ulinga Park.
Once again the track preparation was awesome and some huge ruts showed their form early in the day but the racing was thrilling all day long.


This round was the first heat in the Amateur Cup Mini Series and 22 riders lined up to take on the challenge. The racing was exciting with 4 riders swapping it out in all 3 Moto’s. In the end James Hughes came out on top, Gary Cook took 2nd place, Jaxson Turn in 3rd place followed closely by Brendon Bayliss.

The second heat will now take place at Bunbury in Round 5 and we shall see who can take it out in the sand. So Clubman Riders don’t miss getting your entry in!!

The Quads seemed to revel in the track conditions and with Chris Bosnakis’ bike blowing up in Moto 3, Shaun Woodhead took the day’s win with Daniel Soltoggio in 2nd and Ben Hall in 3rd place. Danny Longstaff had a huge get off in Moto 2 and hope all is well in his camp. Chris Bosnakis is still leading the Championship 35 points and Shaun Woodhead has moved into 2nd place and Blake Croonen is now 12 points behind Shaun. Our solitary lady quad rider, Jemma Merrylees put in a solid effort throughout the day to finish 11th overall and this is after stopping to help a fellow rider who was stuck under his quad.

Jayden Rykers returned again for the Motul Oils MX2 Championship and took the win in all three moto’s but he had his work cut out. David Birch made an exit over the back fence in Moto 2 but finished in second for the day and Josh Adams rode extremely hard to finish 3rd overall.  David Birch still leads the Championship 36 points ahead of Josh Adams and Dylan Sexton 45 points behind.  Dylan Sexton also had a big moment during racing yesterday but is still on point.  Mitchell Outram and Kurt Oinn also showed their style and are now sitting in 4th and 5th respectively in the Championship.

The MX2 Repecharge saw 10 riders start the day and Jarrad Thompson took the win from Bradley Woodhead and Reegan Fare.
Veteran numbers were down again and only 11 riders took to the start gates for Round 3 of their Championship with Paul Smithson, Rex Brown and Brett Graham showing their style.  The third Moto saw Brett Graham come crashing down and having to be stretchered from the track and we sincerely hope he is all good.  The day ended Paul Smithson took out the day with Rex again in 2nd place and Trevor Unstead taking 3rd place. In the Championship standings, Rex Brown is still leading Paul Smithson 7 points behind in 2nd and Trevor Unstead has moved into 3rd, 24 points behind Paul.  

The Shannons Insurance MX1 Championship was again won by Jayden Rykers, but he did not have it all his own way with Michael Mahon showing his awesome style and Dean Porter making him work for it throughout the day. The remaining boys in the top 10 did not give up all day and these placings changed constantly and the racing was fast and furious!  To spice the day up, Mathew Johns did a double somersault in front of the timing tower, scattering tyres everywhere but he bounced back and came back from 40th to finish 20th in Moto 2.
Dean Porter still leads the Championship 62 points ahead of Michael Mahon and Chris Ruttico in 3rd place 24 points behind.

August 27th marks the date the Series heads to Bunbury for Round 5 for our second sand round and our classes will also include Shannons MX1 Championship; Motul Oils MX2 Championship, Quad Championship and the return of the Cullys Women’s Championship. 
The top 10 riders all Championships are all close in points and now we head into two sand rounds to finish off the Series – See you all there and don’t miss out on the next thrilling instalments.


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