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Smarter than Smoking MiniX

  • 1 June 2017
  • Posted By: Linda
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Smarter than Smoking MiniX

The first Smarter than Smoking MiniX for 2017 was a real success with over 30 Juniors registered for the event and the kids were riding nearly non-stop the whole time they were there.

With 2 x 20 minute practices and then onto the competition, riders had plenty of time to get their head around the new track layout with obstacles that needed mastering. Everything from balance planks to weaving cones, put the new and experienced riders to the test. 

As predicted, the fastest riders were not the necessarily best at gaining points on the 6 challenges and then FINALLY,  a chance to put all this together with Mini Motocross racing for the chance of even more points!

That is why the new MiniX format is fantastic for new riders as well as the more experienced. With 12 points available for mastering each section and only 3 for a race win, it is more important to ride well than ride fast.
MiniX also caters for Quads as well, with two riders fighting for track position at every turn, made for interesting viewing as well as invaluable skill development.
The next MiniX is the first of a 5 Round championship that will be held. Points from each event will go on to find the overall winner at the end of the year.
For more information on the  Smarter than Smoking MiniX and up coming events, please visit the Motorcycling WA website for details and registration info. 

Hope to see you there.


Great day, great weather, great racing. The new MiniX format was a huge hit. 32 happy riders, check out the fun that was held by all. Race-Learn-Fun. Join in the next MiniX


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