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Women’s division adds to motocross attraction

Manjimup 15000 Motocross this Weekend

  • 31 May 2017
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Women’s division adds to motocross attraction

There will be more to see at the Manjimup 15,000 Motocross this weekend with the introduction of a dedicated women’s division at the popular motocross event.

While women of all ages have competed in the event in previous years, they were included based on age in the juniors or seniors division.
About 600 riders are expected to compete across all divisions in the Manjimup 15,000 at the Cosy Creek Road motocross track from Friday to Sunday.
There will be 29 women racing in the division this year, with their racing day on Saturday, along with the juniors.
It will be Manjimup rider Charlie Blee’s fifth year competing in the Manjimup 15,000.
“I think the ladies’ class is finally giving us a chance to show how many women love the sport and hopefully get more girls into it,” she said.
Blee, who has been riding motocross “my whole life” felt she would have an advantage over visiting participants because it was her home track.
Manjimup rider Amy Smeathers, 16, is a veteran rider but this will be her first time racing in the Manjimup 15,000.

“My whole family is in racing, I’ve been doing it ever since I was young,” she said. 

“I’m really excited about the women’s division, I can't wait to meet more ladies like me.”

Both riders thanked Chelsea Blakers for her work in promoting the women’s division and Shaun Driscoll for sponsoring the entire division. Manjimup’s junior riders are just as excited for their turn on the track this Saturday, including Kai McGinty, 10, who is one point off third place at a State level.

Newcomers to the junior division include Laila McGinty, 8, and Jensen Muir, 7.
“I’m really excited to be racing, you get to race a lot of people and get to go super fast,” Jensen said.
Junior division stalwart Taj Love, 15, said he was keen for the thrill of the event.
The seniors division will be held on Sunday and competitors include Manjimup 15,000 2016 winner Todd Waters, 2015 winner Kirk Gibbs and USA rider Deven Raper.

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