2018 Jet Camp

Motorcycling WA would like to welcome Daniel Banks as presenter for the 2018 JET Camp. Daniel is no stranger to the Junior Elite Training Camp, having assisted as a coach for the past three years. Daniel has been part of some successful race teams during his career including the Yamaha Junior Racing Team, Factory Honda Racing Team and more recently Davey Motorsports. Having won seven SA State Championships and still currently racing as a professional at the Australian MX Nationals in the MX1 class, Daniel also runs his own motocross coaching business Banks MX Coaching in South Australia, Victoria and WA. Daniel is a Level 2 MA Coach and will be providing daily fitness training sessions and conducting fitness testing for camp attendees. For more info on Daniel go to banksmx.com


Motorcycling WA welcomes Andrew Hammer to our panel of presenters for the 2018 JET Camp. Andrew is the Director of Driven Athlete Training, and currently works with a multitude of professional motorcycle sport athletes from around Australia and the world. His no-nonsense structured approach to strength and conditioning training will be a unique opportunity for our Jet Camp attendees to learn how to make the most of their “off the bike” training to make it all happen on race day. Andrew’s 14 years of motocross racing and desire for a motorsport specific training program led him to establish his own business. His mission is to make riders fitter, faster and stronger, plus give something back to the sport that has been such a big part of his life. Andrew has competed at State and National level motocross and holds the following certifications:
Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCA), Level 1 Kettlebell Bodyweight Strength Coach, Level 1 Powerlifting Coach, Level 1 Crossfit Trainer.
To find out more about Andrew’s programs go t
o: drivenathletetraining.com

Sharing the Pie


Recently Motorcycling Western Australia has fielded a few calls from members wondering where their licence $ go. Fair question, it is a large investment in the sport and a picture paints a thousand words. See the FAQ page on the MWA website Link  for info regarding projects, initiatives and more.



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